Walkers Shortbread Fruit Pudding 16 Ounce

Whether you like traditional or experimental food at Christmas time, there are recipes available for you from cooking the turkey to perfection, to special stuffings, to vegetarian or vegan meals and everything in between. Perhaps you would also like to check out what other countries serve for their Christmas meals. Some countries celebrate Christmas at a different time from the US, so if you travelled, you could experience 3 different Christmas dinners between the beginning of December and the start of January following. Even if you cook your main meal from scratch, it can be useful to get snacks and side dishes to keep ahead of time.
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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without steaming rich fruit pudding. Walkers is proud to present our personal recipe for this holiday classic. Made with the finest ingredients you’d expect – raisins, … Read more…

Top Iced Christmas Cake by Norfolk Manor – 32oz – 907g

Christmas Cake began as plum porridge, and soon after, fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge, and thus became Christmas Pudding. However, when oatmeal was removed from the recipe and repl…


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Robertsons Classic Mincemeat 411g – (3 Pack)

You can’t make the perfect mince pie without Robertson’s Mincemeat. Mince pies are perfect for Christmas guests and make the holiday season a little more special. Net Weight: 14.49 ounces (411 grams)…


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