Toys Kids Want for Christmas

Wish Lists

Kids’ Christmas wish lists can vary widely depending on their age, interests, and current trends. It’s important to consider the child’s age, interests, and preferences when selecting a Christmas gift. You can also ask their parents or guardians for suggestions to ensure you choose a gift that will be both exciting and suitable for the child. Here are some popular toy categories and specific toy ideas that many kids might want for Christmas.

Action Figures

Popular action figures from movies, TV shows, or video games like superheroes, Star Wars characters, or Fortnite figures.


Dolls are always a popular choice, from baby dolls, dolls that feed and cry or pocket sized dolls with many outfit changes. There also Barbie dolls, American Girl dolls, or other popular doll lines.


LEGO sets come in a wide range of themes, from Star Wars to Harry Potter, and can be appealing to kids of all ages, right up to and beyond retirement age. Many a middle aged person still proudly clings onto Lego sets they built as a child or teen.

Board Games

Classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or newer games like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride. For younger children, snakes & ladders or ludo are still popular and teach a number of useful skills like number recognition, taking turns and losing or winning with grace.

Video Games and Consoles

The latest video game consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, along with popular games are always popular.

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Art kits, craft supplies, and DIY projects can inspire creativity, if you can stand the mess. Why not join in? Crafts and art for adults are becoming more popular, including coloring books. High-quality markers, colored pencils, or sketchbooks for budding artists are always enjoyed.

Outdoor Toys

Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or sports equipment like soccer balls or basketballs all contribute to healthy outdoor activity. Remember the safety equipment too, to protect those precious heads and save knees and elbows from nasty grazes. Outdoor Adventure Gear like tents, binoculars, or compasses for outdoor exploration may be wanted for older kids. Gardening Kits with tools and seeds for kids to start their own gardens can also be included in this category.

Remote-Controlled Vehicles

RC cars, drones, and helicopters are good fun and require a lot of concentration, focus and fine motor control. Adults also enjoy these and can use drones for photographing wildlife in areas inaccessible on foot. Remote-Controlled Robots that can be programmed and controlled are also enjoyed.

Educational Toys

STEM kits, science experiment sets, and educational games that make learning fun are still well-liked and have started many an aspiring schoolchild on the road to becoming a scientist. Science Kits, including chemistry sets, crystal-growing kits, astronomy tools or that allow kids to conduct various science experiments, such as volcano kits, robotics kits, or microscopes are all good choices.


Jigsaw puzzles or brain-teaser puzzles are perennial favorites. Make sure the number of pieces in any jigsaw are age appropriate, neither too hard nor too easy for the child’s ability.

Puzzles can include easy sudoku, easy crossword puzzles and all those age-old puzzles that have kept kids occupied for years. You can include dominoes and joke or riddle books in this group.

Plush Toys

Stuffed animals are always popular for smaller children and characters from favorite movies or TV shows are often wanted by older kids and even teens!

Building Blocks and Construction Sets

Besides LEGO, other building block sets like Mega Bloks, Knex, or Playmobil are popular. Meccano is a classic construction toy, with moving parts. You can also include large construction vehicles in this category, ones that small children can ride on or the tough steel toys that can used to move bricks and toys around. Older kids may enjoy Model Kits to build scale models of cars, airplanes, ships, or buildings.

Electronic Gadgets

Gadgets like tablets, kid-friendly smartwatches, or educational electronic devices are often on kids’ wish lists. Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets and games are also popular with kids and adults. Coding and Programming Toys that introduce kids to coding and programming concepts may also be enjoyed.


Age-appropriate books and book series are popular with some kids, especially those based on films or mini series.

Musical Instruments

Keyboards, guitars, drums, or other instruments make great gifts if you want to encourage a musical talent. Other musical instruments like xylophones, triangles, percussion instruments or karaoke machines may also be enjoyed.

Character Clothing Accessories and Dressing up Costumes

Dressing up as a favorite character is not restricted to Hallowe’en. Dressing up activities can happen at any time of the year and encourage the use of imagination. Clothing, backpacks, and accessories featuring their favorite characters can all be good choices.


Collectible cards, mini figures, or trading cards from popular franchises still attract many kids, who enjoy swapping or playing with these cards.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription services that deliver age-appropriate toys and activities every month provide a long lasting Christmas gift. Educational Subscription Boxes can include science, gardening and art experiences.

Pets and Pet Accessories

Only if you have checked with  the parents or caregivers that an animal is acceptable and there are no allergies or other worries, then small pets like fish, hamsters, or reptiles, along with their habitats and accessories may well be greeted with delight. With such gifts being given at Christmas, you will need to ensure that everything needed for the animal’s welfare, including food and feeding dishes or a suitable cage or tank are available and will last until the shops are open for replacement food, etc.

Cooking and Baking Sets

Cooking kits, baking equipment, or easy-to-use kitchen gadgets for young chefs are always useful and keep kids occupied happily for some time.

Character-themed Playsets

Playsets featuring characters from movies or TV shows, like a Paw Patrol playset or a Frozen castle are always aceptable for kids who enjoy the various films and mini series.

Magic Kits

Magic sets that teach kids simple magic tricks and illusions are as popular now as they were years ago.

Sensory Toys

Toys that provide sensory stimulation, like fidget toys or stress balls are enjoyed by many children and some kids need special sensory toys that are helpful for their development.

Experience Gifts

Tickets to theme parks, zoos, museums, or other family-friendly experiences can make a gift that is different from the usual toys.

Remember to consider the child’s age and interests when choosing a gift to make it as personalized and meaningful as possible. Additionally, consider any safety precautions, such as age-appropriate toys and accessories, especially for younger children.