Northern Lights Christmas Decorations

The Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, have been seen further south than usual recently. They are magical lights when viewed in the sky; and creating Northern Lights-inspired Christmas decorations can bring a magical and ethereal atmosphere to your holiday decor. Here are some ideas to help you achieve this look.

Northern Lights Ornaments:

Purchase or make ornaments that resemble the colors and patterns of the Northern Lights. Use iridescent or holographic materials to mimic the shimmering effect.
Paint clear or glass ornaments with swirling patterns of green, blue, and purple to represent the Northern Lights.

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String Lights

Hang string lights with a mix of blue, green, and purple LEDs to simulate the Northern Lights’ colors. You can also find pre-made Northern Lights-themed string lights.

Table Settings and Centerpiece

Choose tablecloths, placemats, and napkins in Northern Lights colors. Add some sparkle with metallic or glitter accents. Create a centerpiece for your dining table or mantel using battery-operated LED candles and translucent vases filled with blue and green marbles or colored water.

Northern Lights Tree Topper

Replace your traditional tree topper with a starburst-style topper made from iridescent or metallic paper. Add LED lights to give it a glowing effect.

Wreaths Garlands and Decals

Make or buy wreaths with blue and green ornaments, pinecones, and faux snow to represent the Northern Lights’ colors and a wintery feel. Craft garlands from ribbons or fabrics in shades of blue, green, and purple. Hang them along the stair railing or mantel. Apply peel-and-stick Northern Lights wall decals to create an instant atmospheric effect in any room. Create luminaries by cutting intricate patterns into paper bags and placing LED candles inside. The cutouts can depict Northern Lights scenes. Make paper snowflakes in the shape of Northern Lights patterns and hang them around your home.

Window Displays

Hang sheer curtains in blue, green, or purple to give the illusion of the Northern Lights shimmering in your windows.

Holiday Cards

Design or choose holiday cards with Northern Lights imagery or colors to send to friends and family.

Northern Lights Paintings:

Paint your own Northern Lights-themed artwork or purchase paintings to display on your walls.

Sound Effects:

Create a playlist with soothing sounds of winter and the Northern Lights. Play it softly in the background to enhance the ambiance.

Remember that the Northern Lights are characterized by their beautiful colors and swirling patterns, so incorporating these elements into your Christmas decorations will help you capture the essence of this natural wonder during the holiday season.