Sensational Holiday Season Christmas Basket

Traditional roast turkey and ham for Christmas dinner is not to everyone’s liking, some people prefer fish or a vegan or vegetarian meal, while others prefer to try something new and exciting. Some people may prefer to keep their Christmas dinner very light and plain while others will have large numbers of family and friends to share the meal and some social time afterwards. Cooking a traditional meal means you always know what is on the menu and that can help reduce the stress levels compared with cooking something experimental. Even if you cook your main meal from scratch, it can be useful to get snacks and side dishes to keep ahead of time. Christmas food or hampers can also be useful gifts, especially for those far away.
Listed Price: $79.44

This Christmas gift basket includes: • Truffle Cookies • Cashew Roca • Chocolate Chip Cookies • Ghirardelli Milk And Caramel Bar • English Tea Cookies • Godiva Truffles • Crackers • C… Read more…