Lindt LINDOR Assorted Chocolate Sampler

What’s your favorite Christmas dinner? Some people like tradition all the time, with all the trimmings. Others prefer something different. A lot depends on whether you have the time to consider a new menu, practise cooking it and obtaining all the ingredients, especially if they are somewhat exotic. Some people love cooking and may find they have more time at Christmas to try something new, whereas others may have large numbers to cater for and prefer to know well in advance that they are preparing a traditional dinner, possibly with a few alternatives available for those who do not eat traditional Christmas food. Even if you cook your main meal from scratch, it can be useful to get snacks and side dishes to keep ahead of time. Christmas food or hampers can also be useful gifts, especially for those far away.
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Exquisitely creamy chocolate and artistic mastery combine to create the Lindor Truffle with an irresistibly smooth center guaranteed to melt the heart of every chocolate connoisseur…. Read more…

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