Gund Slumbers Teddy Stuffed Animal

Many soft toys are now based on heroes from youngsters’ films, so that children can take their most favorite figure to bed with them as a lovable plush toy. The old-fashioned bears continue to be a hit with children, whether brown, black, purple, pink or any other combination of shades. Obviously, there are some stuffed animals that are created solely for display and never meant for small children to play with: those are made more for grownups or teens who may possibly like a display ornament of this type. A soft stuffed toy of whatever design or color is an excellent developmental and educational tool for kids, as it encourages pretend playtime.
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Sale Price: $15.69

GUND is proud to present Slumbers, a big ol’ papa bear that’s as soft as they come! This original brown teddy bear design features bold paw pads for a realistic touch, as well as cuddly fur with t… Read more…

Gund Baby Oh So Soft Teddy Bear Baby Stuffed Animal, Honey Bear

GUND is proud to present its Oh So Soft line – a collection of adorable fuzzy creatures made from a special, super-soft plush material. This 12″ honey colored teddy bear features a seated position and…


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Enesco Alfie 19″ Bear Plush

From Gund, Alfie the Bear is arguably the world’s most huggable teddy. He’s made with the softest, finest plush materials and has a floppy furry body. His adorable face and bulging belly make him impo…


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GUND 4040161 Pinchy Teddy Bear, Brown

GUND is proud to present our quirky and loveable Pinchy teddy bear. Each teddy measures 17” and features high-quality, huggably soft plush material. Surface-washable construction. Appropriate for ag…


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