Barbie DKB57 Endless Kingdom Chelsea

A doll is a thoroughly old-fashioned Christmas gift and yet, it is also completely up to date. Dolls can be hard-bodied or soft, with the softer ones being very suitable for younger children. Dolls with china faces are more suitable as ornaments for adults or teens. A soft toy to play with, talk to, dress, bath or play imaginary games with is both educational and comforting for young children. If you have to buy an unexpected gift, an unusual model of doll could be a real hit for a small child, a teen or even an adult.
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Barbie delivers a new twist on hair! With gorgeous long pink-streaked locks, Chelsea doll is ready for new fabulous hairstyles created by you! She comes with a brush and headband for hairstyling fun. … Read more…

Barbie Sisters Barbie and Skipper Doll 2-Pack

Barbie loves spending time with her sisters, and two dolls together help to celebrate the bonds they share together! Barbie and Skipper doll are changing up their looks with hair styling fun! Each spo…


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Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom Snap ‘n Style Princess Doll

Barbie delivers a new twist on hair! With extra long locks — 9 inches of hair — and an easy-to-use tool to twist and style with ease, Barbie doll is ready for a new fabulous look created by you! Bar…


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