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KONG Cozie Baily Blue Medium

A teddy is a completely old-fashioned Christmas gift idea and yet, it’s also thoroughly up to date. A stuffed toy to spend time playing with, talk to, clothe or play imaginary games with is both educational and reassuring for many youngsters. Stuffed toys do not all look like the traditional bear these days. They may be based on any animal, from pet dog, bunny, or horse to beaver, seal or cow, even mythical animals like unicorns and mermaids. Most children really like teddies or plush toys and if you have to buy an unexpected gift, an exotic model of soft plush toy (to prevent replication) might be a great success. Many teen girls also love to have a plushy toy to set beside their bed or as an ornament in their room.
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The KONG Cozies are cute, soft and cuddly plush toys that are made with an extra layer of material to make them extra tough. Cozies are perfect for a game of fetch or great as a comfort toy for your f… Read more…

KONG Cross Knots Monkey Toy, Medium/Large

KONG Cross Knots are the classiest critters in the Knots family. With fun details like crossed legs and animated faces, it’s easy to forget how tough these toys are. The internal knotted rope and sque…


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KONG Cutesea Octopus That Crinkles By Kong

Pet Supplies….


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Melissa Doug Burrow Rabbit Stuffed

Many soft toys are now based around characters from children’s videos, so that kids can take their favorite figure to sleep with them as a lovable stuffed toy. The old-fashioned bears remain a success with youngsters, whether brown, black, purple, pink or any other combination of shades. Obviously, there are some teddies that are created purely for show and not intended for small children to play with: those are made more for adults or teenagers who may possibly like a display decoration of this type. A soft stuffed toy of whatever shape or color is an excellent developmental and educational tool for children, because it encourages imaginary playtime.
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Fluffed, and stuffed with love, Burrow will happily nestle in your bunny-lover’s arms. In gentle contrast to his fuzzy coat, Burrow’s inner ears and paws are velvety soft…. Read more…

Aurora 0 World Lil Benny Phant/Grey Plush

Aurora World’s Lil Benny Phant characters have wonderful super-soft plush that is perfect for snuggling. L.E. Phants are in a seated position and wear an endearing expression on their face. Each piece…


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Gund Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal, 12 inches

GUND is proud to introduce Philbin — one of our most popular character bears in an 12” beige seated plush toy format. This classic design features cute paw pad accents and a curious expression tha…


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Stuffed Penguin Animal Suitable Children

A soft toy to hug is a beloved favorite with both boys and girls, with some children taking them to bed with them as a sleeping companion. Also known as plush toys from the material they are constructed with or stuffed toys from their soft contents, these playthings are classic and long-established Christmas presents yet also bang up to date with the most recent trend, according to which model you select. Make sure you check the age group of the toy, if you are purchasing for a young child and make sure it has safety certificates on it. Soft playthings like stuffed animals and dolls are a fundamental part of children’s development, inspiring imaginary play.
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TOP 5 REASONS TO BUY MR. CHIL, PLUSH TOY PENGUIN: 1. Our stuffed penguin is the perfect size for a baby, toddler or a child to play with. Standing 5 inches tall, our penguin will fit perfectly in yo… Read more…

Baby Aspen Penguin PJ Gift Set, Black/White/Multi, 0-6 Months

Don’t penguin footie pajamas sound cute, comfy and heartwarming? When they’re from Baby Aspen, you can count on it! Penguin themed baby footie pajama gift set with a gray and white stripe bodysuit an…


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Stuffed Girl Penguin – 5 Inch Plush Animal Toy for Babies and Children – By EpicKids

TOP 5 REASONS TO BUY MRS. CHIL, PLUSH TOY PENGUIN: 1. Our stuffed penguin is the perfect size for a baby, toddler or a child to play with. Standing 5 inches tall, our penguin will fit perfectly in y…


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