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Christmas Eve Excitement

Not long now until Christmas and Christmas Eve. Have you got your Christmas Eve sorted?

Christmas Eve Boxes

Maybe you are going to get Christmas Eve boxes or Christmas Pyjamas?

Of course, you may have had a difficult time this year 2020, with Covid and lockdowns? Maybe you are having to cut back greatly for Christmas, compared with other Christmases and perhaps you are even having to redefine Christmas?

Make It Special

If so, is there anything you can think of that would help make Christmas Eve special for you and your family? Something that doesn’t cost anything, even if you have to prepare ahead of time? Maybe have a sofa night, wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping hot chocolate and watching a film? Maybe watching the Norad Santa tracker showing where Santa’s sleigh is? You can check out the Norad Santa Tracker from 1 December 2020 here. You may be able to find something in a local charity or goodwill shop?


If you are totally stuck for food and other necessities, as many people are this year, then check out your local foodbank. I know that my local foodbank is preparing to help out a number of people and families this year, in different ways, including volunteers preparing a plated Christmas dinner for those alone and hampers for those with very little.

Neighbors Friends And Family

If you are OK for Christmas and Christmas Eve, what about your neighbours, friends and family? Is there anything you can do for them at what may be a difficult time?

The film and song below were created some years ago and I love this song about Christmas Eve. Maybe you will enjoy it also?

And a quieter song from the Florin Street Band if you are feeling more reflective for Christmas 2020