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Zi Bo Panda Teddy Stuffed Animal

Many soft toys are now based on personalities from children’s videos, so that children can take their favorite character to sleep with them as a cuddly plush toy. The old-fashioned bears are still a hit with children, whether brown, black, purple, pink or other mix of shades. Of course, there are many teddy bears that are developed solely for display and never intended for small children to spend time playing with: those are made more for grownups or teens who might like a display decoration of this kind. A soft stuffed toy of whatever shape or color is a great developmental and educational tool for kids, because it encourages pretend playtime.
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GUND is proud to present Zi-Bo — a precious panda plush with a unique twist. Features a stylish dark navy and cream color pattern that really sets him apart! A great gift for panda enthusiasts of al… Read more…

National Geographic Readers: Level 2 – Pandas

The whole world loves panda bears. Everyone loves to watch them play, climb, cuddle, and chew. But careful, they can scratch too—just look at that tree! Pandas live in wild places very faraway, and …


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Plush Panda Hat Novelty Cap Animal Costume Beanie With Long Paws

Soft Plush Panda Animal Hat with attached scarf and mittens….


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Pandas Journal (Diary, Notebook)

Roly-poly gardening pandas are busy planting bamboo — or are they throwing in their trowels? In any case, let their adorable antics inspire you to fill this journal’s pages with your own whimsies and…


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Gund Teddy Stuffed Animal Honey

A soft toy to hug is a popular favorite with both boys and girls, with many children taking them to bed with them as a sleeping companion. Also known as plush toys from the fabric they are made with or stuffed toys from their soft contents, these toys are traditional and old fashioned Christmas presents yet also bang up to date with the most recent fashion, according to which model you select. Be sure you examine the age range of the toy, if you’re buying for a young child and ensure it has safety certificates on it. Soft toys like teddy bears and dolls are a fundamental part of children’s development, inspiring imaginary play.
Listed Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $15.04

GUND is proud to present its Oh So Soft line – a collection of adorable fuzzy creatures made from a special, super-soft plush material. This 12″ honey colored teddy bear features a seated position and… Read more…

Gund My First Teddy Bear Baby Stuffed Animal, 15 inches

GUND knows that it’s never too early to make a lifelong friend. My First Teddy is a soft and huggable 15″ companion that’s always ready for naptime, playtime, and any time in between. Designed wit…


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Amandine Bear Chime Toy (Cream) by Gund

Amandine is our new cream, super soft and elegant teddy bear. She has a grey linen bow and foot pads making her stylish yet affordable. Chime toy 7″….


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Gund Baby Lolly and Friends Stuffed Animal, Elephant

GUND is proud to present Lolly and Friends – a whimsical collection of baby toys that are the perfect playtime companions. This 8″ blue elephant plush features a fun polka dot pattern as well as satin…


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Aurora World Small Coco Plush

A teddy is a completely old-fashioned Xmas gift nevertheless, it is also completely modern. A soft toy to spend time playing with, talk with, clothe or play pretend games with is both instructional and relaxing for many youngsters. Stuffed toys do not however all look like the conventional bear these days. They can be based on any kind of animal, from dog, rabbit, or pony to beaver, seal or cow, even legendary creatures like unicorns and mermaids. Most children adore bears or plush toys and if you have to acquire an unexpected gift, an unusual style of soft plush toy (to avoid duplication) might be a real hit. Many teenage girls also like to have a plushy toy to set alongside their bed or as an decoration in their own room.
Listed Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $11.51

Aurora World’s Coco Bear is covered in shaggy, super-soft plush and wears a dark red ribbon bow. It has lock-washer eyes for safety and double-bagged bean filling. Aurora World is an industry leader w… Read more…

Melissa & Doug Baby Ferguson Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

With a polka-dot bow and smiling face, Baby Ferguson is as cheerful as a stuffed animal twice his size . . . but this lovable little guy is compact enough to be carried along on errands or car trips w…


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Melissa & Doug Baby Roscoe Bear – Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal – Vanilla

Looking for a big-hearted stuffed animal friend in a lovable little package? Baby Roscoe Bear is here! Roscoe is covered in ultra-snuggly cream-colored plush, and has a small, huggable body that kids …


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Plush Baby 12″ Yummy Pink Bear

Aurora Plush Baby 12″ Yummy Pink Bear. This super soft bear features embroidered eyes and no beans.Features include: realisitc stylingsuper softwonderful gift itemleading manufacturer of plushsoft and…


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