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Christmas Preparation Steps 3 and 4

get the guest bed ready

get the guest bed ready

Accommodation for Guests

I usually find mid to end October is a good time to look at any accommodation needs if I have guests coming. I check that I have enough bedding (and beds) and do a clean of the spare bedroom. It can tend to get used as a dumping ground for all those projects that never seem to get finished! It’s also a good time to check whether any duvets or blankets need to pay a visit to the launderette or dry cleaners for a spot of tender loving care.

If you need more bedding, you may find that a friend or relative can help you out with loaned items, if you give them some notice.

Christmas Clothing


Christmas sweater

Christmas is traditionally a time for getting a new outfit, especially for all those Christmas parties. It’s also the time for those ugly Christmas jumpers! Did you know that there is a world-wide International Ugly Christmas Sweater Day? It’s on the 3rd Friday in December and in 2016, will be celebrated on 18th December, exactly one week before Christmas. But now is the time to think about, buying, borrowing or creating an ugly Christmas sweater ready for the big day. Some people use the day and the sweater to encourage donations to children’s charities.

Christmas Pajamas

It’s also time to think about whether you want to get some special Christmas Pajamas, even matching pajamas if you are part of a couple or family. Nothing like everyone being dressed in matching green or red pajamas, keeping toasty warm, while opening presents under the tree on Christmas morning.