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The 12 Kindnesses Of Christmas

Christmas Time – The Season Of Goodwill can be very giving, especially when they understand that not everyone has as much as them and giving is also a good thing to learn. Giving can be a part of an Advent Calendar, so here are 12 acts of kindness for kids to do as part of their Christmas Advent Calendar. For some of these, you will need the ingredients ready ahead of time, unless you have the time to go out and source them before starting. For others, you will need to consider safety and caution and you will also have to consider those who may be shielding from coronavirus.

  1. Make Cookies For The Neighbors.
  2. Give Someone A Compliment.
  3. Visit someone who is housebound.
  4. Make and deliver a card for someone in your area who is lonely.
  5. Make an elf basket and leave it on someone’s doorstep with an anonymous poem. This is also known as “you’ve been elfed” and is a neighborhood game, as it is a type of “pay it forward” action.
  6. Older teens could volunteer at a homeless facility or collect for charity.
  7. leave a Christmas card on someone’s windscreen
  8. give a blanket or pair of socks or gloves to a homeless person
  9. leave a card or “beautiful” note in a friend or parent’s bag or pocket or somewhere for them to find
  10. take toys to a charity
  11. help out in a foodbank or donate food
  12. call a distant friend or relative you haven’t contacted for a while.
  13. leave a treat for the mailman / garbage collector
  14. pick up litter
  15. take supplies to an animal shelter or donate money to their vet or food supplier to help out with their finances
  16. Paint stones or small rocks and dot them round your neighborhood for people o find
  17. pay it forward in a food queue, pay for the coffee of the person behind you.
  18. drop some change in a charity box
  19. write a thank you note
  20. complete an entry in a gratitude journal
  21. do a job for someone that they were not expecting
  22. make a bird feeder

Saving For Christmas

How Much Do You Need For Christmas

A Difficult Year

This year, 2020, has been a hard year for almost everyone in the world. People have lost their jobs and homes and many people have suffered from lockdown, mental illness, loneliness, lack of medical care for other illnesses, like stroke, heart attack and cancer.

For those who celebrate Christmas, there are plans to make it the best one ever, to forget about a miserable 2020, with no social gatherings or meetings and to really blow out on Christmas.

Whether you are planning a blow out Christmas, a usual Christmas or even just a quiet time at home, it always takes money.


Have you started saving for Christmas? Maybe you have enough money for all you need each year? If not, then you could save $100 by Christmas by starting right NOW and putting $1 a day into a jar. Today is September 17th 2020 and there are now 100 days left to Christmas 2020, so just $1 a day would get you $100 by Christmas. Of course, if you gave up a coffee a day you could save $300 by Christmas. Would that help with the expenses? It could certainly buy you a turkey or other Christmas dinner, some festive cheer and even some presents.

Starting Later

Of course, you may be reading this later, if so, start saving now. Put your spare change in a jar, give up buying a coffee or a bun or buy a cheaper lunch. You can still save something and every little bit helps towards the expenses.

Eco Friendly Parcel Wrapping

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Throw Away Wrapping Paper is estimated that Americans spend over $7 billion dollars on gift wraps each year. And most of this is not recyclable, some because it is foil or plastic based and the rest is extremely thin and covered in ink and costs too much to recycle.

In the UK, it is estimated that 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away. The earth itself is 25,000 miles in circumference, so that paper would wrap around the world at the equator NINE times! Again, plastic or foil wraps are NOT recyclable but some of the wrapping paper is, though it will be covered in a great deal of ink, which again, requires chemicals to remove.

The average American adult gives 42 gifts each year and the average British child receives about 16 gifts a year, which is a lot of wrapping. So what to do?

Don’t Spoil The Surprise

The wrapping paper is a big part of gift giving. It hides the present until the last minute, it takes time to unwrap and contributes to the overall mystery and excitement of Christmas.

Santa Does Not Bring ALL The Gifts

While Santa brings some gifts, most of the presents a child receives will be from their parents and family and these could be wrapped in recyclable paper.

Where Do You Get Recyclable Wrapping Paper

You make your own. You may not be able to get Santa to wrap his presents in recyclable paper, though it would be nice if you could add that in your letter to Santa but all the presents from friends and family could be wrapped in brown kraft wrapping paper, which is available cheaply at all stationery shops and many corner shops too.

Not very exciting? Ah but that’s where the fun comes in – you can make your own decorated wrapping paper very easily from brown wrapping paper and it’s something the kids can join in with too.

Here is a blog post from a UK firm that sells brown wrapping paper giving you loads of ideas on how to create the most delicious wrapping paper around, while having lots of fun. If your kids belong to a group, such as scouts or a homeschooling group or a church group or something similar, you could use these ideas for a fun meeting where everyone can create their own unique wrapping paper. Use water based paints and potato prints, hand prints or even brush splatters to create something completely different.

Gift wrapping does not stop with wrapping the parcel. You can also add recyclable tying material, like garden twine or raffia and decorate your own luggage labels instead of using printed labels. Add more decorations with found items like pine cones or snippets from evergreens.

Here are some more ideas for wrapping your Christmas parcels, without needing to use bows. Instead, you use some different wrapping papers and make one a pattern on top of another. Confused? Take a look at Jade Boyer’s wrapping ideas¬†and you’ll soon be buzzing with ways to wrap presents. Just make sure you use recyclable paper.